The BlockLicense Team

The co-founders of BlockLicense are experienced professionals exploring new ideas, concepts and technologies.

Their experience, their disruptive ideas and their professionalism paved the way for a collaboration with EGG-Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship program, which offers the team additional expertise, mentoring and conductive discourse. Each co-founder is fascinated by different media (painting, design, installations, photography) and all of them share a curiosity for ideas that serve a deeper purpose making them the perfect partners to deal with ‘creator controversies’ in the market. BlockLicense brought together its co-founders, its advisors and EGG to offer the most valuable asset to creators-licenses-and the power to capitalize on their work intellectual property at will.

Nikolas Psaroudakis – Technical Director

Nikolas Psaroudakis

Founder – Technical Director

Nikolas is a multidisciplinary developer and maker. Driven by his innate curiosity, he enjoys finding out how things work. He views code as an expressive medium and excels in producing technological solutions for forward looking businesses and individuals. He has been educated in two continents and has lived and worked in four countries. He holds a BSc in Physics, an MSc in the area of Computer Vision and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications. Nikolas is a firm believer in the potential of the decentralized web as an agent for change and the positive impact blockchain & Web 3.0 can have on the society as a whole.

Katerina Stavraki – Business Director

Katerina Stavraki

Co-founder – Business Director

Katerina is a multi-skilled corporate mind with over 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C global companies holding a BEng. in Communications Engineering and an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering and Management from top institutions in the UK. She is effective and efficient and believes in TRN, short for ‘Technology-Resolution-Now’. Her impactful project management skills gained her experience in diverse fields such as business development and planning as well as strategic projects across several countries in the world. Katerina has been an early blockchain investor and analyst.

Yiannis Koutsoupas - Art Director

Yiannis Koutsoupas

Co-founder – Art Director

Yiannis is a talented designer, problem solver and a UX expert; his experience spans from websites to apps since 2000. Yannis has collaborated with numerous agencies, global & local corporations, innovative startups and many more. His creative portfolio holds innovative projects, nominated and award winning projects in the realms of broadcasting, advertising and disruptive technological programs. Yannis can’t wait to see where Web 3.0 will lead.

Theodore Moulos - Growth Strategist

Theodore Moulos

Growth Strategist

Theodore has a 15+ year experience in running successful and profitable software products. Lately, he used to be the COO and then CEO of Pinnatta Mobile app (The world’s first interactive messaging platform, counting more than 1.5M downloads worldwide ). During his free time, he coaches and consults startups. His career includes managerial posts for companies both in Greece and abroad. He is currently the CEO of Growth Rocks and Viral Loops, taming digital marketing practices.

Jason Kritikos - iOS & Back End Developer

Jason Kritikos

iOS & Back End Developer

Jason is an iOS addict and a restless coder. Holding a BSc in Computer Science and a master’s degree in mobile & wireless networks, Jason has proven early his passion for anything mobile. Having worked in London and Athens for more than 15 years, he’s gained significant experience in building anything from backend systems to mobile apps for both large corporations and innovative startups. He enjoys spinning records and shooting with his camera.

Alex Galinos - Business Advisor

Alex Galinos

Business Advisor

Alex is a Harvard Kennedy School graduate determined to offer experience and expertise to his country. More specifically by holding, throughout his career, managing positions in the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency and the Athens City Hall. As a professional, Alex is a firm believer  and thus invests, in business extroversion and openness.

Konstantina Chardalia - Financial Advisor

Konstantina Chardalia

Financial Advisor

Konstantina Chardalia is a finance mastermind using her devotion to numbers and her loyalty to forecasting and planning for the greater balance. She graduated from top universities of Greece and UK but established herself as a professional expert in Greece. Konstantina’s experience in multinational corporations and her consistency in growing and evolving make her a uniquely gifted partner.

Sofia Stavraki - Legal Advisor

Sofia Stavraki – Tsoutsika

Legal Advisor

Sofia is a Supreme Court lawyer. She is a Democritus University of Thrace Alumna who practices Criminal & Trade Law, Civil Law and issues Legal agreements from her private law firm/office of 2 branches, in Lamia and Athens, Greece, owned since 2002 & 2011 accordingly. Sofia is an avid writer and reader manifested in her rich professional website, in her published law essays and her 500+ wins in Greek courts until today.

Olga Kachramanoglou - Copywriter & Social Media

Olga Kachramanoglou

Copywriter & Social Media

Olga Kachramanoglou is a loyal writer. She identifies herself as an anthropologist but writing is her moneymaker. From advertising copywriter-before the digital Big Bang-to content creator she never stops to write for the digital market (SEO, social media & blogging) and for fun. She was once labeled handicap for her wild imagination in writing. However, she is, still, fully functional and social but would rather write to you than speak to you.

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